a little bit of emo for your monday

the love you can have for another is overwhelming, mysterious, beautiful and destructive. love itself is a beautiful concept; it has the power to mould something magical, to give meaning to the great ideas of life. and still as relevant and liberating, though often revolting to the involved individuals, is the way love is able to contort you, throwing you deep into the depths of the unknown. i have loved and been loved, and i have had the privilege to be a part of many lives that love has touched. and for that i am grateful.

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oh, what i’d give

to go home to a problem free life.

i heart berlin.

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is irritating.

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who wants to pay for me to get tattooed? that’s another thing i want, MAN.

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now don’t get me wrong,

i love manchester, i love my job, i love my friends. but MY GOD, where are all the people that i share musical interests with hiding?! i just want to go and see a day to remember* with somebody as emo as i am. that’s all i want, man.

*/any other band i like that’s touring.

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first time in weeks

and weeks and weeks that i have a friday off work and nothing i need to be worrying about… weird.

i’m gonna clean my flat.

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Calling to try and smooth things out after a drunk dial


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managed to

wake up at 10 and smash out over 1000 words of an essay ALL in time for the deadline AND to a reasonable standard. AND I DONT EVEN HAVE A HANGOVER. today is such a win.

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but it’s better if you do.
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Anonymous said: Is your about me titled 'Welcome to Bangkok' because you're such a 'man eater'?

you clearly know me so well! nah, it’s a brand new reference.

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Vikki Blows


Vikki Blows

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